FireFox Shortcuts – A Must To Learn

While working in front of a computer, a lot of us usually keep their hands on keyboard. And sometimes it gets annoying to move between mouse and keyboard,
especially for simple repetitive tasks. This is where shortcuts comes real handy. Some of my favorites for FF are:

  • F6: Puts your cursor into the Address Bar, just start typing URL you want to go to.
  • Alt + Home: Gets you to your home page
  • Ctrl + T: Opens a new tab. Note that you can start typing a URL immediately upon doing so, as the cursor automatically appears in the Address Bar.
  • Ctrl + W: Closes the tab you are in.
  • Ctrl + E: will put your cursor into the search engine box.
  • Ctrl + Enter. If you are entering a URL into Firefox. You can just type the domain name. Take Google for instance. If you type Google into the address bar and then hit Ctrl + Enter. Firefox will surround Google with a www. and a .com.
  • Ctrl + F: Brings up the Find tool, which works dynamically (i.e. as you type). Then I press F3 to jump to the next instance of my search item.
  • Ctrl + Tab: Switches you to the next open tab.
  • Ctrl-Shift + Tab: Takes you back a tab.

Alright, your turn: Hit the Comments and share your favorite FireFox shortcuts.