Effective Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing normally doesn’t get the required attention, but studies prove it’s actually the most effective and efficient marketing tool available to online entrepreneurs. It can be the most lethal weapon in your arsenal, if you have got a targeted list of opt-in subscribers. It can deliver highly personalized messages at a fraction of the cost of other media, and provide readily measurable results. Some tips for effective and appropriate emails:

Well Structured Yet Casual

Emails straddle the line between business letters and talking to someone over the phone. They should be well structured so that recipient can understand the message and respond, at the same time casual enough to fit the medium. Some odd situations may require a formal email, but as a general rule, try to achieve a conversational tone in your message.

Provide Context

Now-a-days people involve themselves in a variety of tasks at the same time and may, therefore, need a reminder of relevance of emailed information. Provide background information, such as reason for the message and/or description of any documents you may attach.


Emails play a vital role in building cooperation and trust, let the recipient know you understand and respect his/her point of view. For example, to introduce your recommendations, start with “I understand your goals and recommend that we…” or “Based on the priorities you outlined for us, the next item we address will be…”

Call to Action – A Must

Always remember that the call to action is probably the most important aspect of your email. It’s the action your want your visitor to take when they read through your email. Call to action comes in different forms it may be a heading, a button which stands out, a text link or a banner. Whatever you decide to incorporate in your email, it has to be prominent, stating clearly the required action and deadline (if there is any).

Include Contact Information

Many business people look for contact information at the end of e-mail. This can be a quick, convenient way to access a phone number. When contacting someone, always include your name, occupation, and any other important identification information at the end of message. Most e-mail programs let you attach a “signature file” automatically at the end of message. Set it up.

I am sure there are many more, jump in and share yours…