Learn & apply SEO to your website – Part Two

SEO in simple words can be defined as the art of optimizing your website to ensure high rankings on search engines, thus effectively increasing the amount of traffic you get from them. SEO is the most important factor in ensuring that your website is well ranked in search engine results for search phrases that are relevant to your business. This involves a lot of hard work, but the results will pay off if you adopt a systamatic implementation strategy.

Alright! Lets move on and learn how to implement SEO – the proper way.

  • Recently google has published an excellent guide about SEO – Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, download and go through it. There is no better way to start on Search Engine Optimization than the guide published by the search giant itself. I can suggest more readings but we are just starting on SEO, so lets not get confused, read, apply (a must if you are serious about learning) and move to next step.
  • Signup with Google’s Webmaster Tools, they are designed to assist webmasters in identifying SEO issues related to websites. Try to read and put into operation everything suggested to improve your website rankings. If given proper attention, they help your website tremendously to perform better in search rankings.
  • Go to your Web Analytics account, go through every report, check, who is sending visitors, look for more popular pages/contents. Compare the results, is your website doing better than what you had in Step by Step SEO For Beginners – Part One.
  • Time for Google Website Optimizer, run experiments, find the set of contents that work best to maximize your conversion.
  • Links Links Links – If you want your website to stay, you need a steady in-flow of quality links. I am compiling a comprehensive list of link building techniques, so please visit back soon or subscribe to the RSS feed (you don’t wanna miss it, one solid piece of info, can make you thousands of dollars). Meanwhile check this out – Promotion & Link Building.
  • SEO is an ongoing task, keep track of search engine ranking factors, design your own methods of promoting websites and record the results.

Believe it or not, SEO is not that big of a secret, most of the information for successful results is already available online. You just need to put the pieces of puzzle at the right places. This is where your own methods/techniques/theories jump in, test them, mold them as per constantly evolving search engine algorithms.

I tried to keep the steps as simple as possible and I am sure that if you complete all the tasks on this list you will be well on your way to becoming a successful SEO.

Your feedback is welcome, suggest anything you feel appropriate to improve this SEO guide.

Part One of this tutorial can be reached at Step by Step SEO For Beginners.