Cashing in on the Blogs and Podcast

If you’re marketing your products or services on the Internet, keeping up with the latest Internet technology is an important part of developing a successful Internet business. In 2014 we saw the beginnings of business transformation based on a internet model. Organizations looking to reimagine themselves in a interent-driven world set forth on their journey to becoming online businesses. Many organizations were experimenting, while others were making larger investments. But all were counting on internet to fuel their next waves of growth. But following are the trends those will continue in 2015 as well and need a close look.


If you’ve been on the Internet for any time at all, you have most-likely heard about blogs. A blog is a type of website that is updated regularly with new content. Most blogs contain short, informal articles called blog posts. These posts usually contain some combination of text, photos, videos, and other media. At its core, a blog is just a space on the Web that you can create to record and express your opinions, experiences, and interests.

The author of a blog, referred to as a blogger (web logger), usually makes entries to the blog on a very frequent basis. These entries usually contain commentary on specific issues, helpful tips and/or instructions with regard to the subject matter and recommended links to appropriate resources.

Blogs have the potential to create a wealth of repeat traffic to your web site, as if the subject is of interest to your target market, your readers will return each day to read your latest post. What’s more, Search Engines love blogs, as they are loaded with content and updated frequently.

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Blog platforms recognize the importance of video in today’s blogging landscape. Everything from a basic, free Blogger site to a self-hosted WordPress blog offers the ability to upload video. However, you may find yourself highly restricted in terms of file size. For that reason as well as vlog promotion, it’s worth taking a look at some of the available vlogging platforms.


Podcasting is the distribution of audio files over the Internet, such as a radio broadcast. A podcast is a digital medium that consists of an episodic series of audio, digital radio, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed on-line to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism and portmanteau derived from “broadcast” and “pod” from the success of the iPod, as audio podcasts are often listened to on portable media players.

To create a Podcast, you will need to create an audio file and save it in MP3 format. You can then upload the file to your server, along with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) file. Your listeners can then download your program using a special program that will enable them to retrieve your file automatically.

Once you have created your podcast, you can then register it at a podcast directory, such as so that people can subscribe.

Although the most popular form of podcasts are audio files, you can also create a podcast that will transmit video, text, and image files to any capable media player.

Distributing your own podcast is a great way to market your products and/or services.

All of the above technology utilizes RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is an XML format specifically designed to share content.

All of the above marketing tools provide a great way for you to reach your potential customers. As with most marketing techniques, it is best to provide your readers with quality information that teaches or informs with regard to the subject and simply recommend products or services to assist them. These recommendations may be your own products or services or those of an affiliate program you are promoting. It’s a win – win proposition no matter how you look at it. Your reader is provided with the information they desire, and you make a sale.

With all of the latest technology, it has never been any easier to reach your potential customers. Use this technology to your fullest advantage.